About ZingDing.com

ZingDing was born of a purely creative challenge: elevate Real Estate Marketing to new heights. Evolve online real estate marketing beyond the tired, sluggish, antiseptic virtual tour. Sell a home by engaging the buyer emotionally, in a way they'd never been marketed to before.

ZingDing began in a basement studio in 2007. The concept caught fire with enterprising real estate agents who swiftly grasped the value of contacting their prospects so easily.

Clarissa Schuh of Windermere Realty Partners in Portland, OR, is a big fan of the eCard holiday collection. "The eCards are so easy to use and so low cost. My clients tell me that they actually look forward to getting the next holiday e-card in their inbox. It's great because in their minds, I'm associated with something fun."

ZingDing also allows agents to showcase specific houses by building their own listing e-cards where they can upload photos, music, and special effects, such as snowflakes or a fireplace burning, for only $49/year.

The immediacy of these e-cards may help a house sell quickly -- and the cards can easily be forwarded. And because the eCards are cutting edge, they give agents a technology-forward reputation, which can help them stand apart from their competition.

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