St. Patrick’s Day eCard for Real Estate

Wherever you live, whatever you do, may the luck of the Irish, be there with you….

St. Patrick’s Day eCard…
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Halloween eCards for Real Estate

Stay in touch with all your clients, family and friends this Halloween with these Real Estate relevant eCards by ZingDing. Great for email, Facebook, your blog or website…

Haunted Listing – Open House
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Tips for Marketing Your Rental Property During Non-Peak Seasons

Snowman outside beach hutsVacation rental marketing is easy during the summer vacation season – or in the winter in areas where you can ski and do other cold-weather sports. But there’s no need to neglect your rental property marketing during the off-season. Any rental income is better than none, and there are some clever vacation rental marketing tactics you can employ to keep your properties occupied during non-peak seasons.

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How to Effectively Communicate Your Property Listing’s Value

Housing Market GambleYou want potential buyers to understand the value of your property listings as quickly and easily as possible. Today’s real estate marketing tools afford you the ability to quickly and easily express this value by showcasing the beauty of a property, its uniqueness and the special features of a home.

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Three Internet Marketing Ideas that Get Your New Listing Noticed Today

The Red FlagWhen you have a new listing, you want prospective buyers to see it as soon as possible so you can start showing the property right away and begin the process of finding the perfect fit. Here are some internet marketing ideas for real estate listings you can use whenever you have a new property you want noticed immediately: Continue reading

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Should You Develop a Real Estate Marketing Niche For Yourself? - Gingerbread houseEveryone uses the internet these days to search out properties. Most often, they are searching with the term “Homes for Sale,” along with a location. Unfortunately they are most often landing on the pages of huge realtor sites such as and Zillow. How can a real estate agent rise above these mega-sites and get noticed among the clamor? Real estate niche marketing is one way to overcome the disadvantages of being a smaller brokerage.

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When Should Realtors Make Contact with Their Potential Buying Pool?

Realtor Marketing EmailSuccessful realtor marketing means striking a fine balance between keeping yourself at the top of your contacts’ minds and avoiding spamming them with irritating communications. With today’s abundance of real estate marketing tools, including many convenient online options, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to judge where that line lies. That’s why so many new agents who are just getting started with their realtor marketing efforts ask the question, “When should I make contact with my potential buying pool?”

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Real Estate Marketing Tools: Creating a Virtual Home Tour for Your Listings

Creating a Virtual Home TourThere was a time when the most modern real estate marketing tools at an agent’s disposal were classified ads and bus stop advertisements. Homebuyers and renters scoured the classified ads, followed up with a telephone inquiry, and finally visited the short list of potential properties for a tour. Thankfully, those days of time-consuming real estate searches are over. Today, it’s much easier for potential buyers to assess properties through online listings, and savvy agents set up a virtual home tour for each of their offerings.

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Carrying Out Your Realtor Marketing Strategy

Design by connectionIf you’re a realtor, marketing without a strategy is like taking a road trip without planning your route. A marketing strategy is one of the most important realtor marketing tools in that it sets the course for your business. A vision, a niche market and annual sales goals – these are the things that should be in your realtor marketing strategy. But once you understand your brand and your targets are set, how do you go about actually setting your vision in motion? We provide a couple of suggestions below on how to do just that. Continue reading

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How to Market Real Estate in 2012

2012 CalendarSince the early days of the Great Recession, real estate marketing experts have been predicting 2012 as the year when the housing market may finally see significant growth again. It’s been a bumpy decade for realtors. The inflated housing prices of the 1990s bubbled over into the first years of the new millennium, but the housing market tanked with the subprime mortgage scandal of 2008. Those who are experts in how to market real estate may have seen consistent sales throughout this past decade, but for most realtors the idea that home prices may climb in 2012 is very welcome news.

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