Internet Marketing for Real Estate– where to begin?

A realtor friend of mine recently told me that she had a new listing. Through discussion I could tell that she was enamored by the homes features and was excited to begin the marketing process. So, I asked if she had started marketing the home and what her overall strategy was to be. She responded that she had started the process and had spent much of that day creating a flyer for the home to be placed in a box attached to the for-sale sign. Really? Isn’t that a bit ‘old school?’ I asked. ‘Maybe,’ she responded… and so the discussion began.

The discussion lasted for quite some time and concluded with a bullet point checklist of how to begin the Internet marketing process for a new listing. Below are four items worth mention:

1) Professional Photos –they may cost money but they are always worth it. Photos provoke a response to online viewers. Make sure the response is positive and regards the home rather than negative because they are looking at blurry or poorly lit photos.

2) Online Flyers – there are many options for online flyer, some of which can then be printed for the paper version. These flyers can be used on Craigslist, blogs, websites, and some social media sites.

3) Craigslist – one of the most overlooked sites for real estate marketing. Buyers are going there so Sellers must make sure they are there too. Craigslist ads are free, easy, fast to create, and most importantly they are effective.

4) Syndication – an unfortunate name for a necessary strategy. The word ‘syndication’ in regard to real estate marketing is relatively new and is known to cause confusion. The most concise definition I can provide is: “ the creation of one real estate listing; the details and photos for which are replicated throughout the internet on numerous real estate sites.” The strategy is efficient and effective at making sure perspective buyers find your listing.

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