Where do buyers congregate online???

Most Realtors recognize the importance of marketing homes online. Years ago, it was fairly simple to adequately market a home just by posting information on one of the handful of real estate sites. Today, there are hundreds of real estate sites to list homes. So, how should one go about choosing which sites to populate?

Surely, Realtors do not have time to populate site after site with the same listing; only to remove the listings from site after site once the home sells. This challenge is the reason that listing syndication sites such as ZingDing.com have gained popularity. Just post the home pictures and info to one site and watch numerous other sites populate the same info. Then, once the home sells the Realtor just goes back to the initial syndicating site and removes the listing, which then triggers the removal from other sites.

So, the syndication strategy allows a Realtor to reach the masses. However, we know that individual homes are sold to individual people – not the masses. So, how do you reach the individuals? You “hang out” where those individuals congregate.

With social media sites such as Facebook, it allows Realtors to establish a personal relationship with potential buyers in their localized areas. By doing so, one can open a dialogue with potential buyers and supply them with listings they may be interested in with a non-intrusive marketing technique such as posting listings on your own personal wall which then show up on the wall of connections. Seek listing methods and products that allow a professional posting within Facebook rather than a link to another site since many people are weary to click a link to an unknown site knowing that they’ll have to trace their internet steps backward to get back on track to the direction they were headed.

The keys to Internet marketing are to keep efforts efficient, simple, engaging, and most importantly personal. Get into your buyers personal channels and allow them into yours to achieve the highest level of Internet marketing success.

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