Your listing is haunted, what should you do?

If you had reason to believe one of your listings was possibly haunted, what would or should you do? Would you keep it to yourself, play it off as nonsense or drop the listing altogether? Perhaps find someone to co-list it with, provided they do all the visits to the property? Are you legally or morally bound to disclose such information to potential buyers? The Realtor for this listing, see below, has certainly taken a forthcoming approach. Not only highlighting the home’s creepy look and spookiest features, but even going so far as to announce an Open House on… Halloween night.

Seriously, I want to clear up any confusion about this Haunted Listing. We’ve received many comments and inquiries here at ZingDing about the Listing on Crooked Finger Rd.  Some have even contacted this agent for more info and rsvp’d for the Halloween night Open House. SPOILER Alert: This is really just a clever, pre-designed eCard that ANY agent can customize with their own info. It makes for a great Halloween greeting eCard to share with all your family, friends and clients. Share via email, Facebook, Social Media, blogs etc. If you decide to create one of these for yourself, please come back and comment on this post and share the feedback you receive.

Haunted Listing – Open House
Click here to view

Create yours today…

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  1. I sent this out yesteday evening (10/30/2011) and have gotten multiple feedback from some clients already, including two who had gone “dormant.” Everyone’s response was positive. It has already been forwarded to two new people as well. I wish it wasn’t flash based, as Ipads can’t see it, but overall the response is excellent.

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