Where do most home buyers start their search? The answer may surprise you!

Do you know the website where most buyers and renters start their search for a new home?  It may surprise you…….it’s Craigslist!  More searches by buyers, sellers and people renting and looking for rentals start on that website than any other real estate website!  Why?  Because it’s easy to use, easy to sort, easy to navigate and free!

So what is the key to creating a great ad on Craigslist?  I have outlined 5 key points here  that every ad must have to get the maximum amount of interest.

Always include pictures, and even create a flyer to make your property stand out! ZingDing eFlyers are great free flyers that you can create to really showcase your property, it even has a walk score!  It amazes me that people today are trying to sell a $200,000 house and have a couple pictures.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words so your online presence needs to look as inviting as possible, don’t cut corners with this step.

The more attractive your online ad is, the more traffic your property will receive and in turn the faster you will sell that house so make sure you include all the above steps to optimize your traffic.

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