Real Estate Postcards vs. Real Estate eCards

Thanksgiving eCardReaching out to potential clients – and staying in touch with existing ones – is the cornerstone of a realtor’s marketing efforts. For years, real estate marketing postcards have held an undisputed place on every effective realtor’s to-do list. However, as real estate marketing increasingly moves into the digital age, many professionals are finding that real estate eCards offer many benefits over snail-mail versions.

For example, real estate eCards are:

Time-savers. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can send customized real estate eCards to hundreds of clients – as opposed to the time spent ordering, addressing and mailing standard real estate marketing postcards. Today’s realtors are busier than ever; ecards allow you to stay in touch easily so you can invest your time elsewhere.

Earth-friendly. Unlike real estate marketing postcards, eCards use no paper and cause no carbon dioxide emissions during transportation. As consumers become more eco-conscious, many are beginning to look askance at the paper waste caused by print marketing efforts. Real estate eCards send the message that you care about the environment – which may be an important selling point for potential clients looking for an agent who reflects their values.

Interactive. Consumers are so used to receiving marketing postcards in the mail that they often don’t give them a second glance before tossing them in the recycle bin. Yet animated eCards are still a novelty for many people. The interactivity and humor in a well-designed real estate eCard rarely fails to bring a smile to a recipient’s face.

Versatile. Not only can virtual real estate cards be emailed to all of your clients, family and friends, but you can share them via other media, including Facebook, Twitter and your website, blog or newsletter. This adds cohesion to your marketing efforts and allows you to get more bang for your buck.

Not only are real estate eCards cost-effective and easy to fit into your budget, but they offer a number of benefits over traditional postcards – which is why many realtors now swear by them.

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