Top 3 Real Estate Marketing Ideas for November

November eCardOne thing about the holidays is that they keep coming up over and over and over again. After a few years in the business, experienced realtors often find it challenging to think up new ways to keep their real estate holiday marketing efforts fresh and interesting. Fortunately, now that the internet has become such an important place for buyers to search for homes, agents have more opportunities than ever to get creative with their real estate holiday marketing schemes.

Here are three real estate holiday marketing ideas for Thanksgiving to get you started:

1. Send Thanksgiving eCards.

Remain at the top of your clients’ minds this holiday season by sending warm Thanksgiving wishes via an animated eCard. This easy and inexpensive real estate holiday marketing tool helps you stay connected with your contacts while also showcasing your personality and helping you stand out from the stack of printed holiday cards. Learn more about the benefits of real estate eCards.

2. Create a fall eFlyer.

Got a seasonally decorated home among your listings? Showcase it in a fall eFlyer. Real estate eFlyers are handy online tools for timely and targeted marketing efforts, as they’re free to create and can be delivered to your selected audience instantly via email, social media and other channels.

3. Create fall virtual home tours.

With the holidays approaching, fall elicits a cozy, home-oriented feeling in people. Tap into those emotions by creating virtual home tours featuring seasonal photos of your properties. Not only can you easily highlight holiday-friendly interior features – that wood-burning fireplace, state-of-the-art kitchen or generous formal dining room – but your virtual home tours can also include exterior shots of any changing trees or spectacular fall vistas visible from the property. ZingDing virtual home tours also allow you to add seasonal effects such as falling leaves, pumpkins and cornucopias.

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