Using Holiday eCards As a Real Estate Marketing Tool

Holiday eCardsAs many realtors are discovering, real estate holiday marketing can be even easier and just as effective when you switch to eCards. From a business perspective, it’s important to find ways to connect with your clients in a manner that’s economical, personal and friendly. By using eCards as a real estate marketing tool, you can reach prospective and current clients in a manner of minutes and save on stationery and postage costs.

Types of eCards Available to Realtors

Real estate eCards are not only a tool for holiday marketing – you can find one for almost any occasion throughout the year. For example, you can send one to your clients to remind them about falling back or springing ahead for Daylight Saving Time, or express appreciation to clients who are veterans on Veteran’s Day. If your office is hosting a Halloween party, send your clients an invitation with a Halloween-themed eCard. Other eCards available include those for Thanksgiving, New Years, springtime events, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, back-to-school and so on. If you have never used an eCard to connect with your clients, the holidays are a great time to try out this versatile real estate marketing tool.

The Best eCards to Use

Instead of just featuring an image that has a quick message from you, the best eCards to use for effective real estate holiday marketing are the ones that are cleverly animated with quality graphics and sound. The eCards you choose should also be customizable with your business information. Selection is also important; look for an eCard service that does not limit you to just one option when you want to communicate with your clients. Being able to choose from at least a couple of different card options can make your messages more personal.

The Benefits of Sending eCards

Here’s a look at some of the benefits of using eCards as part of your real estate holiday marketing strategy:

Brand awareness. Sending eCards to your clients helps build brand awareness for yourself as a realtor. This real estate marketing tool allows you to create a memorable experience that can bring you both new and return business. The technologies used in flash eCards give recipients a richer experience than traditional cards you send in the mail because they’re more engaging and entertaining.

New marketing opportunities. In addition to sending warm wishes, you can extend your real estate holiday marketing to promote a new service, drive awareness and increase consumer confidence. Generate new conversations between you and your clients by including a call to action in your message that prompts them to call you or forward the clever eCard to a friend. Because you can personalize an eCard, you can also use it on your business website or social networking account, both which are effective real estate marketing tools.

Eco-friendly. You can do your part to reduce waste by opting to send eCards instead of paper cards. The 2.65 billion greeting cards purchased in the U.S. each year could fill a football field up to 10 stories high. If every person in the country sent one less card, the savings would equal 50,000 cubic yards of paper.

Efficient. When you only need to create one message for an eCard that you plan to send to dozens of clients, you’ll save time by not having to write handwritten messages or stuff and address envelopes. You also won’t need to spend money on stamps. Moreover, if your clients number in the hundreds or more, it can be simple for one to slip through the cracks. When you send an eCard, you can import all of your email addresses so no one gets left out during the holidays.

B2B marketing. The connections you should never forget to maintain are those with other business owners. Real estate marketing tools often focus on prospects and clients and fail to acknowledge the other businesses than can drive customers to you. Putting your name in front of other business owners can awaken or reinforce this relationship.

Build upon and strengthen the trust your clients have in you and your services by using a real estate marketing tool that’s current with the times. The rich end-user experience eCards provide creates a welcome marketing experience that will help make you more memorable.

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