Why a Realtor’s Marketing Strategy Should Be Online Focused

time to get to workWhile trust building, networking and business cards with your picture are still important realtor marketing tools, the fact remains that the best way to reach prospective home buyers in these digital times is through online interaction. Recent surveys show that up to 90 percent of property buyers and sellers use the internet to search listings. With that high of a percentage, it is vital for today’s realtor to beef up their real estate marketing online.

Reach More Prospects

In 2010, the National Association of Realtors found that the internet is three times more effective at reaching prospects than regular signs. Almost 70 percent of homebuyers drove by or created an appointment to view a home they found on the web. The next generation of home buyers is much more likely to engage with realtors and property listings online than older generations. In fact, approximately 41 percent of first-time homebuyers found their first homes online.

When you have a marketing strategy that is web-focused, you can reach prospects in your own community, the next state over or even in another country. Realtor marketing tools on the internet, such as social networking, make it easier than ever for you to advertise on a national and international level. Online marketing is also an effective way to reach those who may require your services in the future.

Market Yourself Efficiently

How much time and money do you spend listing homes in periodicals like the newspaper and local real estate magazines? Do you spend hours (and numerous amounts of stamps) addressing and mailing cards to clients and prospects? How much paper and printer toner do you go through to create printed flyers that usually get thrown away?

Instead of continuing to let these outdated realtor marketing tools drain your resources, consider that online marketing allows you to do the same things in a more efficient and effective manner. Since only 10 percent of prospects browse printed ads to find homes, it’s better to cater to the 90 percent who go online to search listings.

Online realtor marketing tools that can improve your efficiency include:

Real estate eCards.

Instead of spending hours addressing and mailing postcards through traditional means, send eCards. Real estate eCards allows you to send an unlimited amount of birthday wishes, holiday cheer, thank you notes and other correspondences in a way that’s more memorable, faster and cheaper than traditional paper cards.

Real estate eFlyers.

Creating eFlyers instead of making and printing flyers on paper allows you input all of the information about a home in a manner that’s easy for non-realtors to understand. You can also add pictures, maps, a photo of yourself and your contact information. Instead of wasting paper on a traditional flyer, provide homebuyers with a QR code they can simply scan with their cell phones to get a link to the eFlyer and your contact information. Moreover, if you make a mistake on an eFlyer, it’s simple to correct with a few clicks. If you mess up on a printed flyer, you have to throw the old flyers away and reprint new ones, which translates into wasted money and potential embarrassment. Furthermore, with the ability to include photos and even a virtual tour, prospects can decide whether they’re interested in a home without having to make an appointment. This marketing tool saves you and your clients time so you can both focus on houses that generate the most amount of interest.

Track Your Online Performance

When you use printed ads, billboards and traditional paid listings, it’s hard to tell exactly how many people actually notice your business. When you conduct your real estate marketing online, however, it’s easy to track valuable information such as the number of visitors to your website, your most popular listings and demographic information about your online visitors. Use this information to analyze the number of leads you obtain, the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and where you may need to focus more of your efforts. By using measurable metrics provided by online realtor marketing tools, you can learn just how your money and efforts are working for you.

Real estate marketing online is not as intimidating as it seems. Use eCards and eFlyers as the first stepping-stones, and grow from there. You will find that your online efforts quickly pay for themselves.

[ photo by: 21TonGiant, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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