The Importance of Listing Syndication for Online Real Estate Marketing

your listingAs a real estate agent you understand that every hour you spend working on the marketing of one valuable property is time you are not working on another valuable property.  It is imperative that the work you do be efficient and worthwhile if you are to see any results.  Data entry, photocopying and other time-sucking tasks can take away from time better spent showing properties, making phone calls and closing deals.

While you can manually enter the information about a listing one at a time to various real estate websites and social media outlets, real estate marketing tools that syndicate the information for you can greatly improve your efficiency.

Here’s a look at why marketing tools that provide listing syndication should be an essential component of your online real estate marketing efforts.

Syndication Saves Time

When you create a property listing using a marketing tool that is syndicated, like a real estate eflyer, that tool places the listing onto other real estate and social media sites without requiring you to lift another finger. Up to 90 percent of homebuyers search the web for listings, and they tend to visit websites that provide a large volume of listings in one place, such as popular real estate sites. By ensuring your listings get the greatest amount of exposure possible, you’ll improve your chances of landing a new client or snagging a homebuyer’s attention. Thus, syndication allows you to effortlessly maximize your web presence and reach.

Syndication Keeps Your Info Consistent

When you manually enter property information into multiple listing locations, there is greater room for error. Simple mistakes, such as accidentally placing a checkmark next to “crawlspace” when a home really has a basement, can cost you potential buyers. An online marketing strategy that includes syndicated real estate marketing tools ensures consistent information across different listing sites, so there are fewer chances to make mistakes. You simply enter the information once, double check it for accuracy, and share it in several different formats with the click of a button. Adding syndicated services to your box of real estate marketing tools helps make sure all of your prospects and clients see the same, accurate information across the internet.

You’ll have More Time to Focus on Online Marketing Strategies

Without a syndication service, you will spend a large chunk of your time doing busy work instead of focusing on building relationships, educating buyers and marketing your personal brand. Online real estate marketing is three times more effective than traditional marketing. Therefore, it makes sense to effortlessly place yourself where your prospects are searching so that you have time to handle the more crucial task of closing deals.  With your listings syndicated, you can spend time cultivating leads using other online marketing tools:

Blog Creation & Writing: A blog on your website is a great real estate marketing tool that allows you to post information about the current housing market, interesting real estate news, tips for first-time homebuyers and sellers, and information about maintaining a home to ensure the maximum resale price. You can also feature your clients’ buying or selling successes, which will demonstrate that you deliver results. By spending your extra time updating your blog, you improve your own marketability by emphasizing that you are a trustworthy expert in your field who understand the housing marketing. In addition to providing information and stories on your blog, use its sidebar to showcase your listings and links to your social networking accounts.

Social Media: Social networks provide another popular and free real estate marketing tool for realtors. By creating professional social networking accounts, you can keep your clients, prospects and others interested in your services informed about your latest listings, with status updates and links to your real estate eflyers and other syndicated materials.

Traffic on real estate sites with syndicated listings continues to grow rapidly. Take advantage of this trend and maximize your reach efficiently by syndicating your real estate eflyers and listings.

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