3 Marketing Benefits of Virtual Home Tours Online

virtual home tourHomebuyers love virtual home tours. When sifting through endless online listings, buyers are more likely to stop and check out a property if a virtual tour is available. Not only do virtual home tours answer many of a buyer’s questions quickly and without fuss – such as, “What does this house look like inside?” – but they give the buyer opportunity to connect emotionally to the home. Through the use of photos, video, text and music, you can reach out to buyers on a much deeper level than a basic listing allows.

Virtual home tours can range from simple still photographs to 360-degree panoramic views to full-on scripted videos. Here are three benefits of including virtual home tours in your real estate marketing efforts:

1. Virtual home tours show off key features.

It is one thing to say a home has a spacious open floor plan; it’s quite another to show a beautifully staged photo of the great room. A virtual tour gives you the opportunity to highlight key features that may be difficult to convey with words alone. With a combination of quality photos and evocative text, a virtual tour helps buyers envision themselves living in the space in a way that plain listings can’t hope to emulate.

2. Virtual home tours save time for both you and buyers.

When buyers are able to view virtual home tours for your listings, they get a much more accurate sense of whether or not they’re interested in a property than from the text description alone. The last thing you need is to waste time showing a home that isn’t what the buyer wants. Virtual home tours can help ensure you spend your time showing homes to the buyers who are most likely to fall in love with them.

3. A virtual tour improves the odds of selling a home more quickly.

Virtual tours are a simple way to boost the “wow” factor of your property listings. Because buyers have so many online real estate listings to look at, it’s critical to catch their attention quickly if you want them to give your property a second glance. And the more people who give your listings thoughtful consideration, the better your chances of making a quick sale.

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