The Importance of eCards in Rental Property Marketing

Rental eCard SampleEffectively conveying property information is a key ingredient in rental property marketing. Yet beyond earning degrees in web and graphic design, realtors have few tools for communicating rental features. Or, rather, they used to have limited tools for residential and vacation rental marketing. Today’s web developers are busy creating new tools to empower real estate agents. eCards are one of the most powerful tools in modern rental property marketing.

An eCard is an electronic listing with zing. To create an eCard, a realtor first uploads property photos. Next, he or she chooses music to accompany the animated slideshow of photos. Several effects may be added to the eCard at this point. For instance, a view looking out of an especially picturesque window could be enhanced with an animation of snow softly falling. Finally, realtors can add more information to the eCard, such as local activities, facility amenities and rental policies.

As you can see, an eCard is far more engaging than a typical static rental ad. Renters choose apartments on several basic variables, such as curb appeal, common areas, security/parking, apartment appeal and nearby amenities. Some of these attributes can be conveyed with an eCard. For instance, a potential tenant can get a good picture of an apartment’s interior with an eCard listing. Depending on whether the agent includes pictures of the complex’s exterior and common areas, a renter can also gain a basic feel for these features in an eCard. However, the same breadth of information cannot be expressed in a traditional real estate listing. For this reason, eCards represent a major innovation in residential and vacation rental marketing.

Below, we go into more detail on why eCards are such effective rental property marketing tools.

Showcase Multiple Pictures

Oftentimes, realtors are extremely limited in the number of photos they can post in a rental listing. For instance, a flier may only be able to display three or four photos – any more than that, and it’s hard to get a good feel for the room being photographed.

In contrast, customizable eCards can showcase multiple pictures, so you can highlight the property’s best features to full advantage. If a picture is worth a thousand words, multiple pictures are worth a thousand rental agreements. Rental property marketing is much easier with eCards on your side.

Give the Property Personality

Every real estate agent or property manager appreciates that different buildings have unique personalities. Think of it as a “gut response” – as soon as you pull up to an apartment building or vacation rental property, you get a feel for what kind of people might live there. Renters definitely get the same sort of impression. But if a bland traditional listing is all they see, they’re unlikely to check out your property in the first place.

This is where eCards add zest to traditional rental property marketing. Because an eCard includes multiple pictures and music, it’s easy to convey a building’s personality. For instance, a walk-up rental in the swanky part of town could be accompanied with piano bar music, while that charming country cottage vacation rental on the coast could feature soothing beach sounds. eCards empower agents to inject personality into their online vacation rental marketing listings.

Relay Rental Information to Large Audiences

Distribution is at least half of the game in rental property marketing. You could represent the most beautiful property in town, but without effective methods of distributing your listing, you could be hurting for renters. Traditionally, realtors conduct rental property marketing via listing databases, posted fliers, email campaigns and blogs. Experienced agents may also have a large pool of past customers who regularly provide referrals. In the past few years, however, social media sites have come to the forefront of effective rental property marketing.

It’s easy to post an eCard to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Once your online contacts see how attractive and engaging your eCard listing is, they’ll be more likely to pass it on to their own family and friends. eCards are also easy to post to listing websites, including Craigslist.

As you can see, eCards are a powerful tool in any agent’s rental property marketing toolbox. Because eCards include multiple pictures, music and charming animation, they are powerful tools for attracting renters.

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  1. Adam Schmidt says:

    Effectively and aggressively marketing your rental property is essential, It can mean the difference of $50 to $100 per month per unit, ( which adds up fast) and also the difference between quality and nightmare tenants. Aggressive and Effective marketing can make a world of difference in a landlords experience, and eCards are one more of the many great marketing tools.

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