Top 5 Real Estate Marketing Ideas for December

Holiday eCardIf you add a holiday flair to your real estate holiday marketing, you can keep house hunters looking at your listings throughout their busiest season. Effective real estate holiday marketing is a matter of fine-tuning your messaging and adding a little bit of magic.

Here are five ideas to get you started on your real estate holiday marketing; don’t let these opportunities get buried under the snow:

1. Holiday eCards

A holiday eCard keeps your name alive in your clients’ minds. Animation and music will make them think of you with a smile – much more so than a traditional card. Links back to your website and the beautiful properties listed there will encourage recipients to click through to your listings.

2. Syndicated eFlyers

Create one eFlyer for your real estate holiday marketing, with images and links, and use list syndication tools to reach the broadest possible audience. Include photos of properties that have a wintery or holiday feel, such as Christmas lights or decorations, and use a holiday theme to get their attention.

3. Virtual Home Tours

Take your visitors on virtual home tours complete with burning logs in the fireplace, stockings hung by the chimney and lights hanging from the eaves. Add a holiday tune to your virtual home tours, and your potential clients will almost be able to smell the pine and cinnamon.

4. Holiday Getaways

Your renters may want to get away from all the snow and ice this winter, and it’s a good time to remind them of the glories of sun and sand. Your real estate holiday marketing can provide a taste of the resort season. They will soon be ready to kick back and relax on a tropical beach.

5. Deck Your Website with Boughs of Holly

The goal of all that real estate holiday marketing is to increase traffic to your website. Post holiday photos, change your masthead to reflect the season and express your good wishes on your home page. In addition, holiday-themed profile photos and slideshows are a nice addition to your social media channels to remind your clients that you’re in the holiday spirit.

However they get to you – over the river and through the woods or on a one-horse open sleigh –  make sure you’re ready for your potential clients with mulled cider and holiday-themed real estate holiday marketing tools this year!

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