3 Components of an Impactful Real Estate Holiday eCard

Every realtor knows how important it is to connect with new clients and build relationships whenever possible. A holiday card is a great real estate holiday marketing tactic for establishing a friendly connection or reminding clients about your exceptional listings.

An eCard is an especially cost-effective real estate holiday marketing tool. You can send it to everyone you know without paying for postage, materials or the hours it takes to send traditional paper cards. But eCards also go above and beyond traditional holiday cards and can be an incredibly impactful part of your real estate holiday marketing strategy by engaging and interacting with your clients.

Here are three essential components to include in your real estate eCards:

1. Animation and Music

One of the major benefits eCards have over traditional cards is that they can include animation as well as music. These elements can enhance your real estate holiday marketing efforts greatly. A memorable animated sequence can prompt your clients to share your eCard with friends, family and colleagues; it has the potential to make an impression on more people than a paper card on the mantel ever would.

2. Customized Message

Since you are not limited to a specific message, as with a pre-printed card, your message can be in your own voice and your own style. How often have you found yourself browsing for the perfect card, only to have to settle for something that “will do?” By using an eCard for your real estate holiday marketing, you have the opportunity to send a greeting that bears your personal touch.

3. Links to your Website and Social Media

An eCard is no better than a paper card if you don’t include links to your other marketing channels! This is the biggest advantage of eCards in real estate holiday marketing. After clients read your message, they can click through to your listings, Facebook page or Twitter feed, which offers the potential for more interaction and engagement than ever before.

Using eCards for your real estate holiday marketing is cost-effective, environmentally conscious and brings more rewards than a traditional holiday card. It may not be able to sit on your client’s mantelpiece, but, if created thoughtfully, it will earn more than just a casual glance.

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