How Online Marketing Tools can Help Drive Traffic to Your Website

Website TrafficAre you getting as much traffic to your real estate website as you should? At least 89 percent of people seeking to buy homes and other property are using the internet as their primary source for listings; 66 percent of people using the internet to look at available homes will drive by or even view a home they saw online. No one can afford to ignore the nuances of effective online real estate marketing.

Here are some helpful tools you can use to make sure potential homebuyers are starting their search for the perfect residence at your website:

Listing Syndication and eFlyers

Using listing syndication to distribute real estate flyers is one of the best time-saving online marketing tools available. Your listings get comprehensive exposure, but you only spend the time entering the data once. It also cuts down on errors, since you can enter the information, check it for accuracy and know that it will be correct everywhere. And speaking of real estate flyers, eFlyers are cost-effective, environmentally conscious and can take advantage of live links to your website and social media channels.

Real Estate eCards

On holidays, birthdays and any time you want your clients to be reminded of your amazing listings, real estate eCards are a great way to send a personal message in your own voice and style. As one of your online marketing tools, eCards add a personal touch to real estate marketing efforts. Make sure to include a link to your website here, as well.

Social Media

An important part of online real estate marketing is an active and interactive social media presence. Be compelling and original, but make sure to always link back to your website via a link to a blog post or your home page. The necessity of meeting potential clients on the platforms with which they are most comfortable cannot be denied, but make sure they are led back to your website to get deeper and richer content.

Think of all of your online marketing tools as routes back to your website. Your traffic will increase, and so will your sales.

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