Inexpensive Realtor Marketing Ideas for the End of the Year

Realtor Marketing IdeasThe internet has added a plethora of inexpensive and free tools to your realtor marketing arsenal. If you use these tools creatively, your New Year calendar could be filled with appointments.

Start a Facebook Group

Your Facebook page is a great place to get your feet wet with social media platforms. An open Facebook group is a place to really home in on your target realtor marketing audience. Invite all of your contacts, new and old, to join your group and start engaging in discussions. When your clients feel like they are already part of a community, they will want to live there, too.

Take Time to Tweet

Twitter is a terrific realtor marketing tool. Promoting your listings is only one useful way Twitter can help your business. Post interesting links to market trend articles, events in your area and tips for new property owners, interspersed with links to your listings and blog posts.

YouTube Virtual Tours

Online video is fairly new to the realtor marketing toolbox. Virtual tours give potential buyers the information they need before they venture out into the winter weather to see a property in person.

Real Estate Flyers and Blogs

You have sent your real estate flyers to your email list and your listing syndication providers, but you also need to post it on your website and link to that post in social media. Additionally, blogging gives you a place to speak in your own voice about your community. You can feature properties, give helpful tips and provide all sorts of information on a blog that the 140 characters of a Tweet cannot manage. Be sure to put links to all of your blog posts on your Facebook page and Twitter feed, as well.

Don’t let any communication channel fall by the wayside. In online realtor marketing, the most important element is reaching your audience where they are. Then they can follow links to where you want them to be.

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  1. Video Marketing Ideas for Realtors says:

    These ideas are great! For a real estate beginners, it’s a good start to promote your businesses online more affordable and simple. Thanks for the information.

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