Realtor Marketing: How to Differentiate Yourself in Your Community

Stand Out.The internet has changed realtor marketing forever; there’s no doubt about that. Potential buyers have easy access to information they never had before without carving time out of their schedules to drive to your office and look at your listings.

But it is hard to stand out in that crowded field of information. There are so many sites to check, so many links to follow and so many web pages that look like the same old, same old. Many homebuyers will choose one site to revisit often to save time and effort – that site should be yours.

Here are some realtor marketing ideas to help you stand out from the crowd:

Use Social Media

Social media platforms aren’t just communication channels, they are essential realtor marketing tools. If the content in your social media updates is informative, engaging and entertaining, you will be part of potential buyers’ web surfing time even if they get distracted from looking at listings. Think of using social media platforms as performing realtor marketing every time you login – and be sure to provide links back to your website along with your content.

Write a Blog

You can use longer-form content on a blog on your website to talk about your community and ways you are an important part of it. Talk about your support of local sports teams and nonprofit agencies. Give hints and tips for moving, setting up a new household and finding the perfect property. Blogging is one of many overlooked realtor marketing tools available, and it is a wonderful way to convey what you are passionate about in your own community.

Offer a Calendar of Events

One way to attract potential buyers to your listings is to make them want to live in your community. Provide a listing of cultural events, family activities and special places in your area on your website to engage in realtor marketing with a friendly, welcoming feel.

If you can use your realtor marketing strategies to make your community sound like the great place to live and work in that you know it is, and provide the information potential buyers need to appreciate it, chances are they will return to your website again and again, even after you sell them a home.

[ Photo by: vvvracer, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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