Marketing Your Property Listings to the Facebook Generation

Facebook Like ButtonEach generation has its quirks, and your real estate marketing ideas should take into account how different generations communicate – and what kind of communication they want. For example, you’ve probably been using traditional real estate marketing tools to reach Boomers and Generation Xers for most of your career, and those real estate marketing ideas work well with them.

Then there is Generation Y, or the “Millennials.” Born between 1980 and 2001, they’ve hardly ever read a print ad or watched a television commercial. They will not stop by your office or answer a phone call to have a chat. Generation Y needs to be marketed to in entirely different way than previous generations.

Here are some real estate marketing ideas for capturing potential buyers or renters in Generation Y:

Facebook. Although Gen Y may not want to be your friend on Facebook, they do get a lot of information there. Use an open Facebook group as one of your real estate marketing tools and invite them to join. Be sure to post there often with photos and links to properties and valuable content from your website; be sure to monitor comments and likes, as well. Gen Y wants to know you’re paying attention.

Text messaging. Gen Y does not like to talk on the telephone. They don’t like to listen to voicemail, either. Therefore, texting is one of the essential real estate marketing tools you need to master. They will definitely read your message and, if it interests them, will reply. Make sure you are ready to carry on a conversation if you start one.

WYSIWYG. “What-you-see-is-what-you-get” is this generation’s motto, and a hard-sell will not work with them. Use the real estate marketing tools at your disposal to express clear messages and take the parameters they have set very seriously. They want to make their own decisions with all of the facts laid out clearly. If you waste time with this generation, they will move on.

Real estate marketing tactics will have to change with Generation Y and the up-and-coming Millenials. But, as with all marketing channels, if you meet them where they are, they are definitely reachable.

[ Photo by:  FindYourSearch, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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