A Realtor’s New Year’s Resolutions for Real Estate Online Marketing

You might have taken some time off from your real estate online marketing during the holidays – after you sent out your eCards, of course – but the New Year is a great time to reinvigorate your marketing efforts. Helpful New Year’s resolutions for beefing up your real estate online marketing can include:

I will blog at least once a week on a regular schedule. Blogging is a valuable real estate online marketing tool and well worth the time it takes to craft an interesting post. You will generate the biggest audience if you write well, write often and write on the same day or days every week.

I will update and monitor my social media platforms twice every day. Facebook and Twitter are also effective real estate online marketing tools, but only if you regularly monitor your feeds and engage with your audience. Post updates about events in your community, new listings and tips for potential buyers. Be sure to respond promptly to anyone who engages with you on these platforms!

I will create a monthly slideshow or video of my community. Video is the most popular type of content on the internet and is extremely effective in real estate online marketing. Go to a community or cultural event in your area and take pictures. Create a virtual tour of your most interesting listings. Post your videos and slideshows to your blog, your homepage and your social media channels.

I will contact my client list at least quarterly. Tell your list about deals in your community, fun family events, local news, new store openings – anything that will make them feel like they are a part of the area before they even move in. Keep your name in the front of their minds as often as you can for successful real estate online marketing.

If you incorporate these resolutions into your regular routine, they will become quick and easy ways to improve your real estate online marketing and sales in 2012.

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