Carrying Out Your Realtor Marketing Strategy

Design by connectionIf you’re a realtor, marketing without a strategy is like taking a road trip without planning your route. A marketing strategy is one of the most important realtor marketing tools in that it sets the course for your business. A vision, a niche market and annual sales goals – these are the things that should be in your realtor marketing strategy. But once you understand your brand and your targets are set, how do you go about actually setting your vision in motion? We provide a couple of suggestions below on how to do just that.

Brand-Vision Integration

Part of the work of creating a brand is figuring out if your dreams are in line with your current approach. Although it might seem more logical to do the brand brainstorming before starting a business, the reality is that most business owners started working first and found their brands later. Marketing is often picked up “along the way,” while the owner is too busy with other priorities to spend much time analyzing the brand.

Fortunately, once you have your realtor marketing ideas in place, you can revise your business techniques and branding to reflect your new goals. For instance, let’s say your niche is young “greenies” in Portland’s Pearl district. These environmentally conscious consumers are successful, educated and willing to go out of their way to make eco-friendly purchases. Yet as you scan your marketing setup, you notice the paper you fail to recycle, the inefficient equipment and the outdated paper snail-mail newsletter. In this case, integrating your operations with your brand vision might involve switching to a digital newsletter or realtor eCards instead of paper and offsetting added server demands with clean energy credits.

Your capacity for critical thinking is one of your most valuable realtor marketing tools. By applying an analytical approach to your operations and culture, you can achieve brand integration. The more closely aligned you are to your brand, the more inspired and efficient you will be in marketing your message. Clarity is priceless in realtor marketing.

Extending Your Brand across All Realtor Marketing Tools

Once the challenging work of brand integration is done, the fun part starts. You get to plaster your message across all marketing channels. Think of this as your fresh debut. Redesign and revive your business cards, website, realtor eCards, flyers and online listings.

Hopefully, your realtor marketing vision will give you the motivation to blast through this update. Indeed, a brand vision should be a little bit audacious – it should give you butterflies and make your heart beat a little faster. Use this natural inspiration to figure out whether your new dreams match your old procedures. If you find discrepancies, either drop that marketing method or refresh your methods to match your new perspective and branding.

It’s always cost effective to do this work yourself, but you may find more success if you bring in an outside realtor business consultant. Contract with an expert who can give you an honest assessment of your marketing situation. He or she will be able to give you an unbiased appraisal of your brand integration. Plus, you’ll probably get a handful of truly great realtor marketing ideas along the way.

Realtor eCards: A Boon to your Realtor Marketing Strategy

While redesigning your marketing, consider dropping outdated methods in favor of more productive techniques. For instance, if a paper newsletter was one of your most cherished realtor marketing tools in the old model, your marketing update could encompass a switch to a new interactive email-newsletter, accompanied with an online realtor marketing blog.

Realtor eCards are an ideal tool for stepping into the modern era of realtor marketing. They allow you to create an engaging online video that showcases your property photographs and amenity descriptions. Music and animation make the final product more appealing to potential buyers. All you need to do is plug in a few details and upload your photographs. Information on price, local attractions, property amenities and policies can be included after the video ends. Best of all, realtor eCards are easy to share across social media and other online platforms, including eNewsletters, blogs and listings such as Craigslist.

By achieving brand integration, sending your new brand through all communication channels and utilizing realtor eCards, you can make your realtor marketing ideas a reality.

[ Photo by: dgray_xplane, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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