When Should Realtors Make Contact with Their Potential Buying Pool?

Realtor Marketing EmailSuccessful realtor marketing means striking a fine balance between keeping yourself at the top of your contacts’ minds and avoiding spamming them with irritating communications. With today’s abundance of real estate marketing tools, including many convenient online options, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to judge where that line lies. That’s why so many new agents who are just getting started with their realtor marketing efforts ask the question, “When should I make contact with my potential buying pool?”

The short answer is: When you have something to say. However, that happens more often than you might think. Examples of when to reach out to your contacts include:

When new properties become available.

Of course you contact your existing clients and potential buyers when you are listing new properties – that’s basic realtor marketing. But how you contact them is important, as well. Linking to new properties on your Facebook page and in your Twitter feed may feel like a passive form of contact, but people who use social media are monitoring their social media channels. Don’t neglect these essential real estate marketing tools. On the other hand, if the property is perfect for a particular client, text them to provide that feeling of urgency and attentiveness.

When you have news.

If there is a big cultural or community event happening within your area, contact your client list and invite them to attend. Family-oriented events are great for clients who have children. (Hint: The more events you help promote, the more opportunities you will have to reach out to your contact list.) Even openings of new retail stores or restaurants can be interesting to people who are deciding where to buy a home. Your realtor marketing target audience will appreciate being made a part of the community before they even move in.

To reconnect.

If you have not been in contact with a client in a long time, for whatever reason, you probably have a lot of interesting information for them about listings, events and changes in the community. Get in touch with them again. Use real estate marketing tools such as eCards for holidays and other special occasions. Even if they are no longer looking for a property, they might refer a friend or colleague who is in the market.

The bottom line is: Don’t contact your client list just to say, “Hi!” Use the real estate marketing tools in your toolbox to help you get your message out there. If you put some thought into your realtor marketing communications, there’s a good bet you always have something interesting and valuable to offer the people on your list.

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