Should You Develop a Real Estate Marketing Niche For Yourself? - Gingerbread houseEveryone uses the internet these days to search out properties. Most often, they are searching with the term “Homes for Sale,” along with a location. Unfortunately they are most often landing on the pages of huge realtor sites such as and Zillow. How can a real estate agent rise above these mega-sites and get noticed among the clamor? Real estate niche marketing is one way to overcome the disadvantages of being a smaller brokerage.

Real estate niche marketing is not difficult, it just takes some thought. Although it seems as though you would be more successful marketing to the largest number of people, you will only close a sale with people who are interested in what you have to offer. If you can create a real estate marketing niche and target it, you can be even more successful than you would be marketing to everyone.

How do I create a niche for real estate marketing?

Think about your community. Successful real estate niche marketing starts with creating special searches of your listings: for the country club district, downtown, near the lake – any area of your community that has a local nickname. Assign these special searches to a link button on your website’s homepage to make it easy for potential buyers to find exactly what they are looking for with one click.

Another common tactic in real estate niche marketing is to become an expert on selling homes to a particular segment of the population, such as first-time homebuyers or empty nesters. Once you’ve determined the niche you want to pursue, research everything you can about people within that particular demographic – their needs, concerns, lifestyle habits and preferences. This type of real estate niche marketing often results in a lot of word-of-mouth business.

How do I market the niche?

Real estate niche marketing begins with your website – where you should brand yourself as the local expert in your niche and blog about topics of interest to your target market – but it doesn’t end there. Get links to your niche-focused web pages out on all of your communication channels, including Facebook and Twitter

You can also add your real estate niche marketing links to the eFlyers you send to list syndication sites; your holiday eCards; and your email signature. Make sure everyone you contact knows your area of expertise.

Once people know that your site offers an effective way to stay up-to-date on the type of property listings they want to see, they will come back over and over again until you sell them the perfect home. Real estate niche marketing can be what sets you apart from the big guys in web traffic and sales.

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