Tips for Marketing Your Rental Property During Non-Peak Seasons

Snowman outside beach hutsVacation rental marketing is easy during the summer vacation season – or in the winter in areas where you can ski and do other cold-weather sports. But there’s no need to neglect your rental property marketing during the off-season. Any rental income is better than none, and there are some clever vacation rental marketing tactics you can employ to keep your properties occupied during non-peak seasons.

Lower the rent. Everyone likes a sale, and a sale on a vacation is very appealing. Lower the cost of your rental properties in the off-season and keep your properties working for you.

Know what your audience wants. During the school year, you will be more successful at vacation rental marketing if you target couples without children looking for weekend getaways. Feature a fireplace, Jacuzzi or a sense of seclusion, and let go of your normal on-peak minimum stay. Having renters in your property for just a weekend is better than none at all.

Reconnect with peak-season guests. Don’t abandon the renters who know your properties from their peak-season stay. Your rental property marketing tactics worked with them once; maybe they will again. And even if the guests don’t need a vacation property in the off-season, they might know someone who does.

Partner with local attractions. All of the business owners in a seasonal community are suffering in the off-season. Form partnerships with local restaurants, attractions and cultural organizations to put together attractive vacation packages, combining your vacation rental marketing efforts with their marketing strategies, and everyone in your community will benefit.

Don’t give up. Non-peak seasons are the perfect time to put more effort into your rental property marketing. Send out eFlyers with attractive photos showcasing the unique features offered by your property. If you combine this with some of the deals already discussed, you will more than likely get some renters into your vacation rentals.

It would be easy to relax your vacation rental marketing efforts in non-peak seasons, but your income will suffer more than is necessary. Put some thought and effort into your marketing, and you could very well come out of the off-season ahead.

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  1. Gerald Martin says:

    Partnering with the nearby attractions might be a good idea. Another good thing would be to tie up with an event that doesn’t fall in the peak season. There are a lot of people looking for rental property during the rare instances of sales in nearby malls, discounts in restaurants and the link.

    = Gerald Martin, Resell SEO

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