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Realtor Marketing: How to Differentiate Yourself in Your Community

The internet has changed realtor marketing forever; there’s no doubt about that. Potential buyers have easy access to information they never had before without carving time out of their schedules to drive to your office and look at your listings.

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Inexpensive Realtor Marketing Ideas for the End of the Year

The internet has added a plethora of inexpensive and free tools to your realtor marketing arsenal. If you use these tools creatively, your New Year calendar could be filled with appointments.

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How Online Marketing Tools can Help Drive Traffic to Your Website

Are you getting as much traffic to your real estate website as you should? At least 89 percent of people seeking to buy homes and other property are using the internet as their primary source for listings; 66 percent of … Continue reading

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3 Components of an Impactful Real Estate Holiday eCard

Every realtor knows how important it is to connect with new clients and build relationships whenever possible. A holiday card is a great real estate holiday marketing tactic for establishing a friendly connection or reminding clients about your exceptional listings. … Continue reading

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Top 5 Real Estate Marketing Ideas for December

If you add a holiday flair to your real estate holiday marketing, you can keep house hunters looking at your listings throughout their busiest season. Effective real estate holiday marketing is a matter of fine-tuning your messaging and adding a … Continue reading

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First Steps in Developing Your Realtor Marketing Strategy

Like all humans, realtors generally experience more success if they practice good planning and goal setting. In real estate, careful planning involves planning out a realtor marketing strategy. The first step in creating a realtor marketing plan is daydreaming. This … Continue reading

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Using Social Media as a Real Estate Marketing Tool

Dismal home sales have forced an uncomfortable reality on real estate agents: innovate or fold up shop. In 2010, new home sales were lower than ever. Since then, the housing market appears to be slowly improving. For instance, existing home … Continue reading

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The Importance of eCards in Rental Property Marketing

Effectively conveying property information is a key ingredient in rental property marketing. Yet beyond earning degrees in web and graphic design, realtors have few tools for communicating rental features. Or, rather, they used to have limited tools for residential and … Continue reading

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3 Marketing Benefits of Virtual Home Tours Online

Homebuyers love virtual home tours. When sifting through endless online listings, buyers are more likely to stop and check out a property if a virtual tour is available. Not only do virtual home tours answer many of a buyer’s questions … Continue reading

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3 Real Estate Advertising Mistakes You May be Making

The face of real estate advertising has changed drastically in the past decade, and keeping up with the latest real estate advertising ideas can be a challenge for busy agents. In the current housing market, it is more important than … Continue reading

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