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When Should Realtors Make Contact with Their Potential Buying Pool?

Successful realtor marketing means striking a fine balance between keeping yourself at the top of your contacts’ minds and avoiding spamming them with irritating communications. With today’s abundance of real estate marketing tools, including many convenient online options, it’s becoming … Continue reading

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Carrying Out Your Realtor Marketing Strategy

If you’re a realtor, marketing without a strategy is like taking a road trip without planning your route. A marketing strategy is one of the most important realtor marketing tools in that it sets the course for your business. A … Continue reading

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Realtor Marketing: How to Differentiate Yourself in Your Community

The internet has changed realtor marketing forever; there’s no doubt about that. Potential buyers have easy access to information they never had before without carving time out of their schedules to drive to your office and look at your listings.

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Inexpensive Realtor Marketing Ideas for the End of the Year

The internet has added a plethora of inexpensive and free tools to your realtor marketing arsenal. If you use these tools creatively, your New Year calendar could be filled with appointments.

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First Steps in Developing Your Realtor Marketing Strategy

Like all humans, realtors generally experience more success if they practice good planning and goal setting. In real estate, careful planning involves planning out a realtor marketing strategy. The first step in creating a realtor marketing plan is daydreaming. This … Continue reading

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Your listing is haunted, what should you do?

If you had reason to believe one of your listings was possibly haunted, what would or should you do? Would you keep it to yourself, play it off as nonsense or drop the listing altogether? Perhaps find someone to co-list … Continue reading

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Stay-in-touch Marketing for Realtors

What’s the best way to keep in touch with your clients during the long summer months? Create a ZingDing of course. Engage previous clients and get referrals for new business. Share with all your clients, family and friends. A clever, … Continue reading

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Internet Marketing for Real Estate– where to begin?

A realtor friend of mine recently told me that she had a new listing. Through discussion I could tell that she was enamored by the homes features and was excited to begin the marketing process. So, I asked if she … Continue reading

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